Meet The Team

Katarína Němcová

Chief Matchmaking Officer

Formerly Communications and Marketing Manager and HR Consultant of advertising and recruitment agencies in New York, Shanghai and Prague, Katarina started her own business, Find L’Amour, in early 2014 with the motivation to help people to find their right match, to make their dating process successful and be happy in their relationship. She works with both ladies and gentlemen, most of which range in ages of 25 to 60. With the life training she has had, her ongoing growth, and dozens of successfully matched couples behind her, Katarina has what it takes to match you up. Her programs range from completely customized searches to discreetly match you with the love you have been waiting for, to educational and interactive relationship guidance, therapies and coaching sessions. Find L’Amour is the ultimate agency offering a customized matchmaking and self-development experience that supports you throughout your journey to love. Katarina devotes most of her time to matchmaking which is her greatest passion. She also loves traveling, dancing, golf, yoga, reading, meditation and playing the piano. She is involved in a few charity projects and is an animal rights advocate. One of her clients once called her a combination of Winston Churchill and Mother Tereza which resulted in a team giving Katarina a nickname “Winston Tereza”. Katarina divides her time between Prague, Munich, London, Dubai and Moscow. Her favorite quote is: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Don’t let love pass you by and contact Katarina now.


phone+420 702 272 621

Jana Baniariová

Art Therapy Consultant - Healing Through Self-Expression

Jana is a creative soul on the journey to self-awareness practicing and spreading mindfulness everyday. Jana studied Pedagogy and Art Therapy in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. While studying, she fed her soul by playing the piano and violin, by singing, dancing, literature, drama and fine arts, mostly ceramics, drawing and painting. Jana found her life mission in helping people to use the creative process of making art to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Jana works with both children and adults, mostly in groups where each person gets an opportunity to get in touch with their creativity. Jana’s workshops use the creative expression to “decode” the nonverbal messages of people’s psyche. Jana works with the psychological and emotional undertones in people’s art with kindness, love and empathy and her conscious guidance supports people on the way of healing their heart and soul and contributes to enhancing and improving their lives.

Veronika Machat

Love Account Manager

Helping people has always been Veronika’s greatest passion. Right after she finished her studies of psychology she started to coach people in the field of relationships, working with both singles and couples. She believes there is nothing more beautiful in life than to share joy and experience oneself fully together with someone who is on the same wavelength. In Find L’Amour Veronika helps to reveal even the most hidden trails in clients’ character, their emotional patters according to which they make important life choices including the choice of their partners, and she also helps to identify and choose the right clients for Find L’Amour as well as to find their right matches. Veronika is very sociable, communicative, intuitive, empathetic and supportive. Clients find the journey to love with her joyful and exciting. Veronika is happy when the client changes his status from “single” to “in a relationship”, at the same time she emphasizes the importance of being happy no matter the outside circumstances.

Ondřej Calábek

Life Coach

Ondrej is a lecturer and coach specializing in an individualistic approach, quick and effective changes in the fields of motivation, personal development, hypnosis, pain alleviation and personal happiness. He also works in the sphere of communication, relationship and setting and fulfilling realistic goals. He helps people get the positive therapeutic changes they want using hypnotic trance and NLP techniques (neuro-linguistic programming). Apart from studying at the Center of Systemic Constellations in Prague, Brno and the NLP Academy in London, Ondrej also completed studies at the Institute of Alternative Learning in Prague, where he now works as a lecturer. Ondrej spent a large part of his life in England, Canada, Philippines, India and Japan. He did his Bachelor studies at Anglo-American University and continued at University of Economics in Prague. In his practice he mainly uses well-established NLP techniques with a combination of alternative psychology. He started coaching and healing systematically six years ago. His favorite motto is: “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

Gabriela Zimova

Fashion Stylist

Gabriela Zimová is young, creative and very inspiring stylist with a beautiful smile who will make a man/woman magnet out of you. Thanks to Gabi you will never be afraid of being different and unique. Eventually this will have a very positive effect on how both yourself and your environment (including your potential partner!) will perceive you. You will meet Gabi at one of our private styling salons combining originality, timeless elegance, passion and sense for detail. You will go through all your concerns, for example the type of your figure and your personal style. You will get a specific recommendation regarding what suits your figure and personality best and how to make you shine bright like a star to attract the right partner!

Zdeněk Hladík

Music Therapist

Zdeněk Hladík is one of the best sitar players in Europe. This enthusiastic promoter of healing music has been in the music industry since 1990. He started as a teacher at the art school where he was teaching how to play the guitar and sing. He is an author of many world AV projects from classical music through folk, country, jazz rock to pop. After teaching privately in Australian Melbourne he moved to India where he studied alternative approaches to music, including the Eastern music studies under the guidance of a popular Indian sitar and guitar player, singer, jazzman and yogi Amita Chatterjee. In 2014 he studied the mind and heart-opening sitar music under Ustad Siraj Khan and his son Asad Khan. Zdeněk also uses other musical instruments from all over the world (Slovak duct-blown overtone fipple flute, Tibetan singing bowls etc.).

Milan Hojdar

Tantra Therapist

Milan focuses on harmonizing body, energy and consciousness and he uses practices based on physicality and personal experience. He offers a wide range of techniques which evoke contact with your own body, mind and consciousness.

Milan can help you harmonize the way you experience your body and mind and reach your ecstatic potential which he does through tantric and shamanic practices focused on energy healing and consciousness clearing bodywork. Sexuality,  an integral part of a human life, is strongly integrated into Milan’s work. It might be a powerful source as well as an obstacle of human’s harmony.  Milan’s work is enriched with bodywork techniques such as Craniosacral Therapy, Pelvic Release, Reichian Energetics, Integrative and Tantric Massage. All of these techniques are deep, subtle and non-invasive.

John Hawken, Osho, Nijesh Ulrich Hesse, Mona Lisa Boyesen and others are Milan’s main teachers in the field of energy, consciousness and body work and sexuality. Milan started to educate himself in these areas in 2003 and after ten years of personal trainings and practices he started to work with clients. He has been practicing Dzogchen (Yungdrung Bon Buddhism tradition) and had experienced all of the above mentioned on his own skin.

He provides his clients with a fine and focused touch, stability – fixed point, in which they can momentarily rest and use it for their own centering.

AJ Perera

Body Transformation Specialist

AJ has been a Personal Trainer for over 10 years, he has appeared on all the major fitness and health magazines and websites in the UK ranging from Cosmopolitan magazine to Women’s Health. He is a registered trainer at the Registry of Exercise Professionals in the UK, and qualified to the highest level in a variety of qualifications such as, Cross Fit, Suspension training (TRX), Kettlebells, Boxing, Power Plate, Olympic Lifting, Strength and conditioning for athletes plus he is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and American College on exercise as a Orthopedic Specialist trainer for rehabilitation.

He has trained a diverse range of clients throughout the years, helping them achieve their full potential by educating and supporting them through their health and fitness journey and making sure they see results fast.

AJ Strives to make sure that his sessions are challenging and tailor made to suit your goals whether its weight loss, toning up or rehab.

Lucia Urbanova

Business Development Manager

Lucia is Katarina’s right hand in London and responsible for networking and matchmaking activities in London. She spends time getting to know each new London based client personally and then find their perfect partner by going out and meeting people on their behalf as well as working with Find L’Amour Ambassadors all over the world and pulling out the right matches for the clients from the Ambassadors’ databases.

Slovak native, Lucie studied International Management and Marketing. She worked in finance, hospitality and customer service. Before Lucia moved to London in January 2015, she was running her own wedding agency in Eastern Slovakia. She also used to be a scout leader. Lucia speaks several languages and loves to travel. She has a love affair with an Italian culture. She is very conscious, empathetic and her clients’ comfort and satisfaction is her number one priority.

Lucia believes that success in all areas of our lives including the love life begins in our mind, with how we choose to think and what we decide to attract.



Jake Howie

Business Development

Jake is a kiwi living in London with his Italian boyfriend. He met Katarina in 2006 in Denmark where they both studied Journalism and media. Jacob moved to Europe in 2009. He worked as an Editor, PR Consultant and Copywriter of big luxury brands. He is a first class networker and a well-known stand-up artist whose sense of humor is always fresh and versatile. A British actor Sara Pascoe once said that “Jake is ten comedians in one man.” Jake is a great source of positive energy for the whole Find L’Amour team as well as our clients.   

Paulina Kot


Paulina used to work in marketing, sales and hospitality, she was also involved in charity activities supporting children. Right now, apart from working for NHS, Paulina also helps Find L’Amour as a Consultant. She is a giver and her positive energy is contagious. She loves motivating and inspiring people to change their lives for better and see things from a different angle. She herself went through a rich life experience which made her stronger and more understanding towards the clients’ needs. She brings optimism, temperament and fresh energy to the Find L’Amour team.

Paulina is based in London  but loves to travel both for work and pleasure. Paulina’s motto is: “Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.”

Júlia Vargová

Business Development Manager

Having lived in Vienna for many years and speaking excellent German, sociable and extroverted Business Development Manager with Slovak roots Júlia who has a great passion for her work is the main point of contact for the Austria and Germany based clients.

Filip Vlčko

Chinese Medicine Consultant

Filip is originally from Slovakia and he has studied Chinese Medicine, Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui, different kinds of psychotherapies and went through a number of spiritual practices which he learnt in Australia and Europe. Filip now focuses on Chinese Metaphysics, Kashmir Shaivism and Advaita Vedānta. His Bazi (八字) Personality Analysis known as the “Four Pillars of Destiny” analyzing clients’ character based on their date and time of birth is said to be the destiny map of one´s life with indications of the opportunities and challenges that may come in person´s life. Bazi reading can help you understand specifics of your personality and how to use them wisely to be successful in all areas of your life. Apart from Bazi reading, Filip can also inspire and help you through Chinese medicine (diagnosis, accupuncture, fytotherapy, dietetics, Gua Sha, moxing), Psychotherapy, diferent kinds of massages and yoga.

Kenn Maly

Relationship Consultant

Kenn is a retired university professor. Born in the United States with Czech origins, he taught for many years in Wisconsin where he met Katarina. Kenn lived for six years in Germany and speaks German fluently. He also lived in Toronto, Canada, for six years and in Prague for two years. He is now based in Vienna. Kenn enjoys engaging with clients and getting them to actively engage in their own learning process. He has spent a lifetime seeking joy and wholeness. He will share this experience and strategies for self-development, in anticipation of meeting that special person. Kenn has a special interest in helping both heteroseual and homosexual men in their search for joy and freedom. Kenn works a lot with erotic energies in bringing the body and the mind together. When you are looking for a partner, you want to be as comfortable and confident as you can be. What you bring of yourself to the meeting counts a lot. In order to help you be more comfortable and confident, Kenn will work together with you to free your mind, to become more comfortable in your body and raise the vibrations of erotic energy. Kenns favorite quote is “Happiness is here and now.”

Nastya Titova

Account Manager

Nastya is originally from Saint Petersburg, she is now based in Moscow. She met Katarina in 2013 in New York City where they both worked. Nastya studied Japanese in Japan and worked as an HR Manager of a leading international service provider to the oil and gas production and processing industry. Nastya is an extrovert with a true Russian spirit who loves meeting people and matching them together. She is keen on meditation, traveling, working on new projects and anything to do with a Japanese culture. She is able to continue party a long time after everyone else passed out. Her favorite motto is: “Dreams don’t work unless you do.

Anna Kolchugina

Relationship Consultant

Anna is a Gestalt Consultant or an “awareness expert”, specializing in improving different kinds of relationship between people – in couples, families, and in business. She studied Gestalt therapy in Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg. In addition to the Gestalt Consulting Certification, Anna has Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Master’s degree in Economics, as well as an eight year career a in market analysis behind her. Anna has talent for analyzing people’s thoughts and feelings and transforming them into clear and simple structures. As a Relationship Consultant Anna has been practicing for over three years working with both private clients, corporations and social groups such as foster parents and orphans. Anna is a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism and she also works as a travel translator for Buddhist teachers all over Russia. She can guide you both through a process of searching for your match as well as building and improving your relationship. Clients characterize her personal style of work as warm, supportive and delicate.

Petra Tichá

Account Manager

Petra is a first class HR Consultant and Recruiter who worked as a Consultant of top international recruitment companies in Prague, Budapest and London. Petra likes using her  sixth sense both at work and her personal life. She is currently based in Prague. Petra started as a Find L’Amour Discussion Club Leader and later moved to an Account Manager role. Petra loves traveling, fashion, self-development books and arts. She is a great people observer. Petra’s favorite quote is: “Do your best and forget the rest.”

Looking for a Business Development Manager

We are looking for a Business Development Manager in New York City, NY for the long haul as we rapidly grow. Excellent networking and communication skills and a can do attitude are a must. We help you progress and succeed!