Meet the Matchmaker

Katarína Němcová

Chief Matchmaking Officer

Katarína Hawken (Née Němcová) is one of the most respected European matchmakers and relationship consultants. A Slovak native residing in Prague, Katarína has been running her exclusive matchmaking and self-development agency Find L’Amour, now known as Katarina Hawken Matchmaking, since 2014. Before she worked as a Headhunter in Prague, Communications Manager in Shanghai and Marketing Manager in New York City where she also got certified as a Professional Wedding Planner. Finally she realized her dream of running her own business as a Personal Matchmaker. Katarína also has four years experience of running five star hotels and she is currently running her husband’s seminar hotel The Centre of Transformation in South Bohemia where Katarína and John organise most of their events for couples and singles.
Katarína has solid experience in helping people find a partner using different skills to match people’s temperaments and characters. More and more she teaches people how to be emotionally and psychologically open for the other sex and able to communicate in a way that allows a relationship to happen and keeps it happening once it has began. In other words, she brings people together, helps them connect and she also helps them stay together. Together with her husband John Hawken she is also teaching through tantra how to connect and stay together on the sexual level. She is a perfect cosmopolitan woman covering a wide range of interests in a very real way.

Katarina’s biggest passion is travelling and exploring the world, both inwards and outwards. Her favourite quote is: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”


phone+420 702 272 621