Meet the Matchmaker

Katarína Němcová

Chief Matchmaking Officer

Formerly Communications and Marketing Manager and HR Consultant of advertising and recruitment agencies in New York, Shanghai and Prague, Katarina started her own business, Find L’Amour, in early 2014 with the motivation to help people to find their right match, to make their dating process successful and be happy in their relationship. She works with both ladies and gentlemen, most of which range in ages of 25 to 60. With the life training she has had, her ongoing growth, and dozens of successfully matched couples behind her, Katarina has what it takes to match you up. Her programs range from completely customized searches to discreetly match you with the love you have been waiting for, to educational and interactive relationship guidance, therapies and coaching sessions. Find L’Amour is the ultimate agency offering a customized matchmaking and self-development experience that supports you throughout your journey to love. Katarina devotes most of her time to matchmaking which is her greatest passion. She also loves traveling, dancing, golf, yoga, reading, meditation and playing the piano. She is involved in a few charity projects and is an animal rights advocate. One of her clients once called her a combination of Winston Churchill and Mother Tereza which resulted in a team giving Katarina a nickname “Winston Tereza”. Katarina divides her time between Prague, Munich, London, New York and Moscow. Her favorite quote is: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Don’t let love pass you by and contact Katarina now.


phone+420 702 272 621