Frequently Asked Questions

Find L’Amour is an exclusive matchmaking agency headquartered in Prague with the branches in London, Munich, Moscow and New York. Within the next couple of years we plan to set up the branches in Dubai and Cape Town as well. By being fully integrated and offering a highly personalized and tailor-made service it is absolutely unique in Europe. Find L’Amour can guide you on your path to a happy life focusing on a healthy relationship with yourself and eventually with your right match. Whether you are looking to find your right match or yourself on the way, we are here to assist you.

We are global and have clients all over the world from San Francisco through London to Tokyo. No matter who you are and where you are from, we always assure privacy of your data and maximum comfort throughout the whole process. Our clientele does not only consist of demanding successful professionals. In this increasingly digitalized world the challenge of finding the right match is something singles across different industries face. What all of our clients have in common is having an open mind and heart as well as putting a relationship on their number one priority list.

People start using our services with different motivation. Some are curious and open to experiment, some simply don’t have time or enough opportunities to meet quality people of their taste or they simply want guidance in the sphere of love, relationships and sex. There is a raising number of clients feeling the need for Find L’Amour life coaching. The bottom line is that every person wants to be happy and to feel loved and understood and there are more and more people these days appreciating some guidance on the way to happiness.
The most common answers of former Find L’Amour clients why they chose Find L’Amour include the following: recommendation of friends who tried it and benefited out of it, openness to meet true love through a dedicated team of love & relationship experts, revealing an unknown dimension of possibilities in love life, willingness to change life for better, joyful experience of meeting new people and possibly a life-time partner, high quality private and custom-made service, high-end private events in a luxury setting and welcoming and homey atmosphere, safe and convenient interaction without much risk or time commitment, looking for a partner of particular type, orientation, lifestyle, or in isolated areas etc.

Online dating these days is not very efficient, safe and deep. Exclusive and integrated matchmaking service which offers one a personal approach offering custom-made solutions suited to specific client’s needs, real person (Katarina and her team) support, pre-screened and high quality profiles of interesting and stable professionals and many other benefits which one would never get with online dating.

Male are from all over the world, mostly living in London, Prague, New York, Dubai, Paris, Munich and Moscow. Females are mainly from the Central and Eastern Europe however there is a raising number of other nationalities since Find L’Amour works globally. Right now we have 60 nationalities in our database.

We use both heart and brain when matching people. Katarina, founder of Find L’Amour, is leading both the process of searching, matching and presenting the partner to the client. She has a team of Account Managers working for her in different countries. We use different methods of personality testing and matching which help guide individuals toward dating partners who may be more compatible. People can also be matched based on their mental and physical attraction prefferences but there is much more into the law of matchmaking. Without intuitive awareness and staying present matchmaking would not be possible. Matchmaking is not the kind of craft that can be learnt over night, it´s a life-time process and mission with a huge responsibility for people’s lives. It requires a number of skills such as intuition, strong will, good listening, perseverance, dedication, organization, discipline, clear mind etc. It’s also about finding who the client really is, what their needs are and what is good for them. Find L’Amour is here to encourage you to be honest with yourself throughout the whole process and not waste time by attracting the wrong person. Last but not least, one cannot be a good matchmaker without liking the people and the world and feeling a deep desire to help people. The whole Find L’Amour team constantly strives to develop and improve all of the skills necessary to guide clients on their way with best possible results.

We do “a check-up” on each person that signs up. We do not only speak with them over the phone, we also meet them in person for an in-depth private consultation before proceeding any further. Also, each client is supposed to fill-out an entry questionnaire which is uniquely designed to reveal the key information about them and their mindset. When it comes to choosing the clients, we are rather picky since we want to assure the best possible quality for our clients. Find L’Amour only works with people who are both emotionally and legally ready for a new relationship.

We have secured IT systems, where we keep information about clients which nobody – except for the selected Find L’Amour Account Managers – has an access to. At the beginning of the process each client signs the legal documents ensuring that no information he/she provides us with or he/she will be provided with will be misused.

We work with a number of portals, sites, social and professional networks and agencies that have the same target group but are not our direct competitors. Our Account Managers and Find L’Amour Ambassadors from all over the world actively search for new clients online and offline. The extended Find L’Amour database now includes a few tens of thousands high quality profiles. Just tell us what you are looking for, we are here to help you find THE ONE!