Date Coaching and Special Services

Professional Photo Session
with Top-Rated Photographer

Say “happily ever after!”. The right photo—one that captures you in your best light—can be attributed to 97% of success in online dating. Professional, natural photos that show you looking like you, at your best, are one of the most important investments you can make in your search for love. All you have to do is bring three outfits and a smile. Our photographer has been instrumental in many of our clients finding love – are you next? Your session includes four lightly retouched pictures in both high and low resolution (additional photos and retouching available for an extra fee) and focus group recommendations for photo selections.

200,- EUR / 4500,- CZK / 175,- GBP

Styling Consultant
Underlining Your Inner Beauty

We know that first impressions are everything, so we have partnered with some of the most talented stylists in the business so that you can look your best and date with confidence! See fashion as a great tool to raise your self-esteem, find your unique style which will feel 100% comfortable and yet be chic and special. Our stylist can also help you clear your closet of clothes you’ll never wear and maybe shouldn’t own! Let us help you plan the right outfit for that big date.

Closet Makeover: 210,- EUR
Personal Shopping: Hourly 80,- EUR (2 hour minimum) /
Half Day: 280,- EUR (4 hours) / Full Day 500,- EUR (7 hours)

Complete Personality Analysis According to Chinese Astrology

Your date of birth including the exact hour you were born reveals much more than just your age — it is a window into your personality, career, love prospects, and future good (or bad) fortune in all areas of your life. Our Chinese medicine consultant Filip Vlčko can create a very concrete two-hour video (or 15 page report) for you where he can reveal to you even the most hidden trails of your character or aspects about your personality you might have not paid attention to and he can explain how it manifests in your career, love life, health condition etc. With Filip’s complete Personality Analysis report you will know when it is the right time to do what and how, and how to get the best out of the possibilities around you.

Price: 200,- EUR / 5000,- CZK / 175,- GBP

Mock Dating with the Follow-up Report

Not sure why you aren’t getting that second date? This may be for you! Go on a simulated date and receive post-date feedback. Some popular areas addressed include: Flirting, Eye Contact & Body Language, The Approach, Conversation starters (online and in person), Dating Do’s and Don’ts, How to turn cumbersome first-date dialogue into a meaningful connection and much more!

200,- EUR / 5000,- CZK / 180,- GBP

Wing Woman/Man or Dinner Companion

Are you new to town? Are all your friends married and you want to go out but have noone to go with? Do you need to attend an important business dinner or gala where you are expected to bring your partner but you are currently single? Looking for a last minute companion? Don’t worry, our team of professional wigmen/wingwomen is here for you to help you attract that special person, get that better position at work or simply have a great time! Please note that Wing woman/man or Dinner Companion does not provide any erotic services, it is a hired female/male professional who accompanies you as an emotional and mental support when approaching potential partners and/or who accompanies and represents you wherever necessary – from business dinners to networking parties.

200,- EUR / hour, 350,- EUR / 2 hours, 500,- EUR / 3 hours

Loving Taming
and Setting Free Therapy

We help both men and women to release the excess pressure and anger in order to get rid of the aggression and old pains and fears. The therapist is present and loving at all times, no matter what kind of emotions you go through. The therapy takes place in a safe and accepting environment.  This whole process leads to accepting your own vulnerability and to immersion into your feminine and masculine energies.

150,- EUR / 2 hours

The Knight’s Challenge
The Lady’s Challenge

This program leads men and women toward mindfulness and self-esteem with focus on sexual and erotic energies. We will help you to become free and joyful and to grow in self-love, which will shine when you meet your date. By realizing that happiness and freedom is in the mind, not in the other person, and by living it, you will naturally have more quality dating options. You will find out how sex alone is not so satisfying, but holistic experience is needed, without any moralism. Joining the program will bring you some joy-filled experiences and will increase your awareness of the whole picture. The joy of sex and the joy of connectedness and love is waiting for you.

150,- EUR / 2 hours

Chakra Healing

One cannot have a 100% happy and healthy relationship unless their chakras are open and clean. The state of our chakras is closely related to our mindset and overall well-being. We will measure and clean your chakras and, most importantly, we will teach you how you yourself can keep your chakras open and be happy all the time no matter the outside circumstances.

100,- EUR / 2 hours

Music Therapy

Everybody looking for a partner certainly asks themselves “where to start”. The answer is easy – start with yourself! Then you might find out that letting yourself to have a happy relationship is simply the question of allowing yourself to it. You might find out that in order to be a parfect partner having a stable relationship with your loved one is predominantly about being a perfect partner to yourself and to feel happy with yourself first. A woman might feel fully in her female energy not when she has “a real man” next to her but when she herself is fully in touch with her inner female. A man might be fully appreciated at the moment when he stops being too critical of himself. There might be many reasons why you don’t allow yourself to have a partner. Your subconscious “Me” has a lot to say to you. But where is that “Me”? You might need to look for an answer. And one of the ways to find it out is through our Music Therapy. It is one of the ways that approach your “Self” with a kind playfulness. It is not complicated, deep a true things are usually simple. Music Therapy can be very strong and helps to reveal many secrets and hidden chambers of your mind. Open the door to your mind and heart through the music. Is is always easier to enter through an open door. You just need to open up and want to change your situation by your active participation and an adventurous journey to finding your true self.

100,- EUR / 2 hours